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Drops & Spray 3.0

Drops & Spray 3.0

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  • 1 x Spray 3.0
  • 1 x Drops 3.0 

Enhanced with a triple strength formula, this self-tanner delivers a luxurious and long-lasting tan for a tropical vacation look. 

Triple strength drops are formulated to help speed up the natural tanning process, giving you a deeper, darker tan with less time in the sun. This product is perfect for use in combination with the spray. 

Formulated to enhance melanin, activate the natural tanning process and advance faster darker tanning with minimal UV exposure.

DAY 1 - 10 
Place two drops onto sublingual glands under tongue three times a day - morning midday & night.
Use the spray twice a day with one spray per side 
DAY 10 +
Place one drop under tongue three times a day - morning, midday & night
Use the spray once a day with one spray per side or until the bottle is finished
Continue using daily and you should achieve your deepest tan in 2 - 3 weeks and to maintain use once a day or before tanning session
Store in cool dry area and can be refrigerated up to 12 weeks after first use
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